Compassionate Communication

Compassionate Communication, also known as Nonviolent Communication or NVC, is a practical, learnable process that helps us place our attention on shared human values, which in turn connects us more deeply with ourselves and with others.

The purpose of NVC is to create the quality of connection where everyone’s needs are equally valued, resulting in strategies that contribute to connection and peace. NVC promotes congruency with one’s values in thought, speech and action and is an invaluable tool for living the seven UU principles.

NVC was invented by Dr. Marshall Rosenberg, an American psychologist. He is the founder and former Director of the Center for Nonviolent Communication, an international non-profit organization whose vision is a world where all people are getting their needs met and resolving their conflicts peacefully.

Sharing this vision, people are using Nonviolent Communication to create and participate in networks of worldwide life-serving systems in economics, education, justice, health care, religion and peace-keeping.