Human needs are satisfied through interdependent relationships

Practitioners of Nonviolent Communication believe that humans satisfy many of our needs through our relationships with other people and with nature, though some needs are satisfied principally through the quality of our relationship with ourselves and for some, with a spiritual dimension to life. The depth of this vision of interconnectedness sees no difference between ‘my’ needs and ‘your’ needs, rather there are just ‘needs.’ When others are experiencing a profound lack of satisfaction of their needs than necessarily some needs of our own also remain unsatisfied.

Nonviolent Communication training helps individuals articulate their unique experience in the context of being a part of an interdependent relationship with life as a whole. It is a practice that honors the paradoxical nature of the human condition, that we are simultaneously connected and apart. Through the cultivation of the skills of deep personal exploration, honest self-expression, and empathic presence, the practitioner of nonviolent communication naturally uses their language and their power to build bridges of understanding between people in the service of creating a culture of compassionate generosity that pays great reverence to our interdependent web of existence.