What We Offer

Jared Gregory Dec 2014 1kGregory (left) and Jared (right) tailor their offerings to meet the needs of individual congregations and communities. Thus, every training is unique, within the common framework of the seven UU principles as the ground of covenanted relationship and beloved community.

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Our workshops are designed to be scalable for the length and scope that are most useful to your congregation - from two hours to two days.

  • Living the Seven Principles - an introduction to Compassionate Communication and nonviolent living
  • Parenting from the Heart and with Compassion - modeling our values for the young
  • Beloved Relationships - empathy and honesty in our most intimate relationships
  • Living Interdependence - wielding power with compassion in community

Want to take your board, committee chairs, or ministry team to the next level of covenantal leadership? We offer embodied learning and practice in many skills vital to congregational leaders:

  • Conflict engagement with grace and equanimity.
  • Highly effective and connected meeting and group process facilitation.
  • Engaging power structures while cultivating authenticity and equivalence.

Our flagship offering is a facilitated experience of Beloved Community. This weekend event features community activities, program sessions for playing and learning together, and opportunities for worship, contemplation and one-on-one connection. The Beloved Community Weekend is designed for inclusion of all members of the faith community, from infant to elder.

The Beloved Community Weekend is a rigorous lived practice of Compassionate Communication for the purpose of Living the Seven Principles of Unitarian Universalism and fostering Beloved Community.

We offer the following additional services to UU congregations, clergy, lay leaders and other audiences.

  • Keynote Addresses - enliven your conferences and meetings with an engaging, interactive presentation about living the seven principles through Compassionate Communication.
  • Meeting and Retreat Facilitation - enhance the experience of your committees, board, or congregation through transformative meeting processes and authentic connection.
  • Mediation and Restorative Circles - use the tools of Compassionate Communication and related modalities to support your community in engaging conflict with grace and care.